Rivera increases his YOY ​​sales by 96% after migrating his online store to Shopify Advance

The result of YOY growth


Increase in online sales


Increase in the number of orders


Increase in average ticket

Rivera, a Spanish fashion brand that was born in the 70's by Elisa Rivera with her first multi-brand store in San Agustín de Guadalix and which her son Eduardo joined in 2002. Currently they have 13 of their own stores between Madrid, Bilbao, San Sebastián and Barcelona, ​​reaching the rest of national and international clients through its eCommerce.

In this brand we find the perfect balance between past and future, tradition and innovation, transmitting a fashion that transcends time and delights women of all ages. Their goal is to highlight the beauty of all bodies, celebrating diversity and providing confidence through garments that fit perfectly and they sought to reflect this in their eCommerce.

The challenge

Rivera was looking for a strategic partner to enhance the growth of his online business. They turned to Webmefy, as Shopify experts, with the aim of migrating to Shopify to increase their online sales, reach a greater number of users and expand their presence in both the national and international market, optimizing their omnichannel strategy.

This included some specific customer needs:

  • Features that enhance the internationalization of your brand.
  • Improve the user experience in your online store by optimizing the product search, maximizing the visibility of your products both in the categories and in the product sheet.
  • Offer and give visibility to upsell and cross-sell products.
  • Offer alternative payment, delivery and shipping methods to boost conversions in your online store.
    Integrate a solution that optimizes and facilitates the process of returning your products.

How Webmefy has helped Rivera increase sales and optimize her business

From experience, we know that there are many brands that have Klaviyo as an email marketing platform, however, they do not exploit the full potential of this tool due to various factors. Therefore, when we were contacted by them, as a first instance we proposed carrying out an audit of their Klaviyo account, based on that we could make a breakdown of improvements and explore opportunities for new strategies to enhance the results of their email marketing channel.

As a result of the audit, we identified a total of 13 lines of work with different improvement initiatives and task creation , which through a matrix we prioritized by low effort and high impact.

Once the audit was ready, we began with monthly support to implement all the strategies that had emerged from the audit and based on new objectives, increase new tasks.

Migration to Shopify Advance

Platform change

For the new launch of Rivera's online store, we have completely migrated from PrestaShop to Shopify Advance. This has allowed greater functionality, better performance and savings in operational costs that were allocated to the generation of qualified traffic.

The functionality and intuitiveness of the platform were one of the reasons why it was chosen to migrate to Shopify, in addition to the capacity for customization based on what the client requested and wanted to display in their online store.

Improved customer experience

In the work carried out, we have implemented a redesign that perfectly fits the look and feel of the brand, which allows its customers to have a better experience when browsing and viewing all the products, which facilitates a simple and fast purchasing experience.

Additionally, to maximize the customer experience we have integrated technological solutions that allow us to show options both in the purchase, delivery and return of products.

UX/UI techniques have been implemented to facilitate the navigation and purchasing process within the website, giving a lot of visibility to the products within the product sheet with both images and videos to be able to show all the characteristics of each product to enhance the customer's purchasing decision. A chat with automated responses was also integrated to resolve any questions that customers may have during the purchasing process.

To avoid loss of customers and optimize the purchasing experience, the pre-order service was activated to be able to place orders without stock, and the customer can reserve their product and be notified when the new production arrives. For the internationalization of the brand, the Shopify Markets functionality was implemented to allow purchasing from Europe, and from a selection of other countries, calculating transportation and customs prices.

Recurrence and average ticket

To enhance recurrence and average ticket, we have first transferred all the data from the other platform, including customer data to use and compare sales information directly from Shopify.

One of the notable achievements has been the custom development of the purchase by look section, which is significantly increasing the conversion and the average ticket.

Additionally, in order to enhance customer loyalty, a points loyalty program was integrated and, giving priority to customers, access control by customer group has been implemented to activate personalized discounts.

Thanks to Webmefy's team of Shopify and Growth specialists, they have increased the conversion rate substantially when using Shopify as an eCommerce platform.

With a similar investment to the previous year, it is possible to reach a greater number of users, increase sales in e-commerce, Add to Cart and purchases, with an improvement in ROAS compared to the previous year.

The fact of being able to work with the support of different digital channels has facilitated the brand's coverage in various markets and platforms. Taking into account that the brand came from a history in which it worked only on its presence in Spain and mainly through physical stores. The diversification of channels is being undertaken and the entry into new countries has allowed the results to improve, as well as the average ticket and the growth to be even more significant in the short term.

We continue working with the client to implement growth strategies and help achieve brand objectives.