All yours rethinks its growth strategy with the optimization of its D2C channels

The result of YOY growth


Increase in online sales YOY


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in the number of orders


Increase in average ticket

All yours, the honest and sustainable multi-brand cosmetics store, has a catalog of more than 60 natural cosmetics brands. Its objective is to centralize in a single space the best skin care and well-being products with clean, safe and planet-friendly formulas to offer its customers.

All yours began in 2021 by opening its first physical store in Barcelona, ​​and from that point on it has expanded throughout the country through its online store.

The challenge

All yours was looking for a strategic partner to enhance the growth of its online business. They wanted to optimize their D2C channels that they had assets to improve the performance of each of them in order to increase their sales.

Before working with Webmefy, All yours had begun exploring search engines to acquire new customers and the use of email on Klaviyo since January 2022, however, it was not achieving the desired results for this channel.

  • 2 Automated flows (Welcome and checkout with few impacts and a poorly executed strategy.
  • Sending weekly campaigns.
  • Regarding paid media, they ran campaigns on Google with poor performance and the Meta advertising account was blocked.

With the implementation of these tactics, All Yours sought to boost revenue from the online channel, increase repeat purchases, as well as convert unique buyers into frequent customers. However, the conversion ratio in both acquisition campaigns and email flows automated were not generating the levels of income that the brand expected. On the Klaviyo account side, there was poor event configuration, an unclear strategy, and generic emails that didn't add much value with the content. They also had a very extensive list of customer profiles that made the deliverability of the emails very poor and had a high number of unsubscriptions.

All Yours seeks to increase its sales in both physical and digital channels, and use Klaviyo to achieve this goal. So as a result of that, they looked for a specialist partner for both the acquisition strategies and the retention strategy with Klaviyo to give a twist to their email marketing account by optimizing what they already had, creating and implementing new recruitment strategies. of leads, segmentations, in the flows to improve the results of the channel, as well as enhance its results in recruitment campaigns on different platforms such as Meta and Google, in addition to its organic positioning.

How Webmefy is helping All Yours' growth strategy

Webmefy started the project by carrying out a complete audit of its entire digital ecosystem, auditing each of its channels where the brand had direct contact with its customers in order to detect opportunities for improvements.

This audit resulted in a list of more than 200 improvement initiatives divided by 5 categories: acquisition, conversion, retention, efficiency and internationalization. Once we had this list of initiatives, we have prioritized their execution as a result of a matrix where the high level of efficiency is established with the low level of effort.

From this we have focused on your email marketing channel with Klaviyo, SEO and paid media.

Implementation of strategies by channels

Paid Media

When we started, the Google ads account was in disarray, within the campaigns they did not follow a clear strategy, they had simply activated campaigns without any objective, they had many ad groups and countless keywords without coherence. However, we took advantage of all the data collected to redo the entire strategy in Google Ads. We have implemented targeted campaigns by stages of the funnel to impact customers at each stage, with content that is more relevant to them and that takes them to the final part of the funnel and converts more. We use the search, shopping and pmax formats implemented for each stage of the funnel, optimizing them for objectives

For Meta campaigns, once we manage to reactivate your disabled account, we implement different strategies by stages of the sales funnel where we have divided by types of ad, images and catalog, in addition to implementing remarketing campaigns to impact followers and users who They have already interacted with the brand.

We continue to optimize your ads to collect more customer data, implement new strategies and boost acquisition results

SEO Optimization

We have helped optimize the organic positioning of the brand, mainly we have worked on the uncontrolled creation of automatically indexable urls that were generated in the Shopify theme since due to this it generated a problem both in the number of undesirable urls by Google, as well as to the excessive creation of pages with duplicate content. With what we propose as a solution, edit the template code and change the direction of the brand links. So that every time you want to access the brand you land directly on the collection created manually and not automatically.

On the other hand, another big problem I had was that every time we included a product in a new collection, the theme automatically generated a new url, therefore, apart from having the original url of the product, so many new urls were generated for each collection that contained that product. As a solution, we have developed a code that would stop the generation of these urls, regardless of the collection where a product was found, the url of the final destination would always be the original url of said product.

These implementations made to improve the SEO performance of the website have an impact on the optimization of the positioning of the original pages, since it will prevent a duplicate page created automatically by filters or other Shopify directives from being positioned in front of the original ones.

Email Marketing

After the audit of your Klaviyo account, we detected several opportunities for improvement, of which we made the main focus to begin our collaboration on the deliverability of the emails, since if the bounce rate and unsubscription rate results were maintained, The account was at risk of starting to receive SPAM emails. Thus, a strategy was worked on that consisted of guaranteeing the subscription of new users who were really interested and cleaning lists. We activate single to double-optin to make sure they are real emails and not made-up emails or bots just to receive a discount.

After that, work was done on cleaning the lists, segmenting users who came from bots to exclude and eliminate them and, in turn, a strategy was developed to reactivate users who were not interacting with the emails and thus, label those who were still inactive. and delete them. After all this work of cleaning and reactivating profiles interested in the brand, we began to optimize the flows that were already active, changing strategies, shipping times and segmentation rules to boost income in Klaviyo. Several A/B tests were carried out to identify certain relevant content for the different buyer personas of the brand.

Once the basic flows that impact the user during the customer journey have been worked on, integrations with third-party platforms began to be verified with Klaviyo to create flows that help achieve objectives on each of the platforms, such as Influence and, implementing personalized content based on user actions both in the physical store and online to create an omnichannel strategy and enhance the long-term relationship with customers.

Taking advantage of Klaviyo's integration with both Meta and Google, strategies have been implemented to enhance the performance of the paid strategy. Allowing the brand to create one-to-one syncs between lists and segments in Klaviyo and their Google audiences.

Once Klaviyo lists or segments are populated in Google Ads, specific ads are targeted to selected profiles, creating a “lookalike audience” and using it as an exclusion group for ads, avoiding showing advertising to specific groups, such as: customers that they have recently purchased.

Predictive analytics is being used to impact users who are close to the next purchase and boost repeat purchases.

The result of optimizing the email marketing channel


Increased income in flows


Click rate increase


Increase in rate of regular customers


subscriber churn rate reduction

Thanks to all the growth strategies implemented in the email marketing channel, we have managed to ensure that All Yours addresses its subscribers and customers in a personalized way, launching the right messages at precise times and maximizing the impact of its campaigns.

Thanks to this, the email marketing channel represents 30% of the income, being 68% of the campaigns and 32% of the flows. Our actions have mainly reflected positive results in flows, number of subscribers and deliverability rates. Reduction in the number of subscribers by only 20%, guaranteeing that all of these are active subscribers and committed to the content sent by the brand.

Being a continuous growth service, we continue working on optimizing the brand's main channels to increase the performance of your online store and maximize its long-term sustainable growth.