Brums Milano bets on success in the digital world by migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus

Brums Milano, one of Italy's leading children's fashion stores, creating lasting memories for generations of customers. It focuses on quality fabrics with clean designs and fine details in sizes from newborn to teen.

Trusted Webmefy for the migration process from Magento to Shopify Plus. They were looking for Shopify Plus experts to successfully carry out this project as they needed to implement a platform in their digital business that could handle the high volume of orders and, at the same time, remain reliable and easy to use. We provide Brums Milano with the perfect, fast, safe and reliable solution.

How Webmefy helped migrate from Magento to Shopify Plus

For many eCommerce businesses, switching to a new platform is not easy; However, when looking to optimize functionalities that represent a problem on the current platform, the best solution is to migrate to a platform like Shopify Plus that provides support and helps business scalability. When Brums, a successful Italian fashion retailer, decided to move its store from Magento to Shopify Plus, it relied on Webmefy's expertise and experience with the platform migration. We made this transition as seamless as possible.

In our brand migration process from Magento to Shopify Plus, the first step we took was to create a specialized script to extract all the product information from the old Brums store. This script was designed specifically for Brums, allowing them to quickly and easily transfer their products to the new platform without losing important data in the process.

Once the product data was successfully migrated, our team needed to link the Brums 3PL (third-party logistics provider) system with Shopify Plus. To do this, we created an ad-hoc integration that allowed us to connect these two systems so they could communicate with each other without any problems. This integration allowed Brums' 3PL system to send order fulfillment information directly to Shopify Plus as needed.

The last step of the migration process was to create a custom design based on a Shopify template that would fit perfectly with the Brums brand playbook. We worked meticulously to ensure that all design elements aligned with what Brums wanted their customers to see when they visited their online store. By doing this, we were able to give the Brums website an updated look while preserving its unique identity and brand.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team successfully migrated all product data from Magento to Shopify Plus seamlessly and efficiently, allowing them to have more control over their online store content and provide a better user experience. Thanks to our solution, they have continued to provide customers with quality products along with an effortless purchasing process.

Intuitive experience design

Our goal was to create a digital platform that faithfully conveys the essence of the Brums Milano brand in its online version. To achieve this, we focus on the fundamental pillars of brand discovery and storytelling. Our UX/UI design team relied on a customer-centric mindset to create a digital storefront that reflected the fluidity of a personal showroom experience. This way, our customers can explore easily and fluidly, effortlessly moving from open discovery to a more targeted approach through navigation.

Search optimization and product display

The online store has been improved with advanced filtering to offer customers a more efficient shopping experience. They will now be able to optimally search and find the products they want, which will improve conversion rates and reduce page abandonment.

Within the product page, we have improved the way we display images and the display of information so that users can optimally access information about the products they want, which will drive their purchasing decision.

Our experienced team successfully migrated the eCommerce store from Magento to Shopify Plus without any service interruptions or data loss thanks to our specialized script.

At Webmefy, we understand how crucial it is for companies like Brums to keep their operations running smoothly during periods of transition or growth.

As a result, Brums now has access to more features and functionality, better scalability and greater security, all while retaining its unique brand identity thanks to our custom design that has optimized its conversion rate and sales.