Lady Pipa has increased revenue by 713% in the email marketing channel after having optimized her account in Klaviyo

The result after optimization


Increase of the YOY email marketing channel


Increase in income from flows in the last 3 quarters


Increase in income from flows in the last 3 quarters


Increase in customer acquisition in the last 3 quarters

Lady Pipa, the Spanish brand of exclusive and original dresses for party guests, has different sales channels for its garments. One of them is their digital channels where they allow the purchase of their products through their online store.

It is a brand that launches new collections every month with limited editions based on the latest trends, therefore, through its digital channels they make their garments known to market them. Within their different digital channels they had their email marketing channel with which they sought to improve their results.

The challenge

Prior to working with Webmefy, Lady Pipa had begun exploring the use of email on Klaviyo to generate “own income” within her business. This included running campaigns and certain automated flows:

  • Sending automated flows (3 to 9 emails depending on the flow)
  • Sending campaigns once a week for generic segments with duplicate content for them.
  • Quizz to extract customer data for future personalized recommendations.

With the implementation of these tactics, Lady Pipa sought to increase repeat purchases, as well as convert unique buyers into frequent customers. By doing so, they hoped to maximize the business's revenue. Lady Pipa's key problem was that campaign conversion was sporadic and that automated flows did not generate the levels of revenue that the brand expected in Klaviyo, since there was poor event configuration, a clear strategy and generic emails that They didn't add much value with the content. So as a result of that, they were looking for a partner specializing in Klaviyo to give a twist to their segmentation account, such as flows, to improve the channel's results.

How Webmefy has helped Lady Pipa's email marketing strategy

From experience, we know that there are many brands that have Klaviyo as an email marketing platform, however, they do not exploit the full potential of this tool due to various factors. Therefore, when we were contacted by them, as a first instance we proposed carrying out an audit of their Klaviyo account, based on that we could make a breakdown of improvements and explore opportunities for new strategies to enhance the results of their email marketing channel.

As a result of the audit, we identified a total of 13 lines of work with different improvement initiatives and task creation , which through a matrix we prioritized by low effort and high impact.

Once the audit was ready, we began with monthly support to implement all the strategies that had emerged from the audit and based on new objectives, increase new tasks.

Monthly support to implement all strategies

Optimization of main flows and creation of important flows

For the brand that has helped eCommerce sales grow. These include basic flows that impact the customer journey as new ones that the brand had not implemented. Of the most notable with the best performance:

Cart abandonment, product view

Flows in which we have applied branding strategies with brand value content that, in addition to remembering the abandoned product, remembers the brand attributes from product information, sizes, to payment option information to reaffirm the credibility of the brand and help with the purchasing decision.

Post-purchase and cross-sell

In these flows we have implemented segmented strategies based on the number of purchases made and the products they have purchased, in order to suggest complementary products. In addition, we take advantage of this flow to give some clothing care tips to customers and ask for a review about their purchasing experience.

We create a strategy throughout the entire customer journey

Personalizing all the messages that the client will receive thanks to the properties collected through different channels, such as the quiz that they have activated on the website to collect customer information for personalized recommendations both in flows and in segmented campaigns.

Different advanced segmentations

We have introduced different advanced segmentations, both for flows and campaigns, which allow us to target the brand's different clients and buyer personas with relevant messages for each of them.

A/B Test

We carry out different A/B tests on the forms, flows and campaigns, to find relevant content based on the brand's target group.

Campaign plan

In order to increase email revenue, a structured campaign plan was created to improve both deliverability and conversion of email campaigns.

One of the latest objectives that Lady Pipa seeks is to exploit the internationalization of the brand, for which we had to implement flow and segmentation strategies for its different markets.

Since we started the project until today, email marketing revenue at Klaviyo has increased by 713%. This has meant an increase of 88% YOY (year over year).

We have improved the deliverability of emails, which has impacted the open rate; today the open rate represents around 53.5% in campaigns and 58.5% in automatic flows.
We have increased 18% YOY click rate in both campaigns and flows.

Finally, optimized pop-ups have been key to increasing customer acquisition in Spain by 84% and in international markets. This is part of the optimization strategy we have implemented on your Klaviyo account. Our provision of brand optimization services continues, so we will continue working on more flows and new integrations with platforms that enhance customer experience, retention and sustainable growth of the brand.